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is coming to Kickstarter!

We managed to build a working prototype for our app but … there’s still work to be done to make it the awesome tool we want to build.
So we need your help!

Follow our journey!

For those who will subscribe we have prepared an awesome gift….a free dynamic qr code!

Keer is an app that let’s you create all the digital notes you need and place them wherever you want.

All the notes you need where and when you need!

Create your Keer

And upload text notes, document files, photos or just leave it empty .... you can always go back and upload files at a later stage.

Stick it wherever you want!

How cool is that? The pieces of information you need, made available right away when and where you need!

Scan it!

Use the QR scanner to read, edit or share it ... The important thing is that you can forget about flying post-it or USB drives!

What will you receive by subscribing?


This is an exclusive gift for everyone who will subscribe through this page!

EXCLUsive discounts

After the release day we will give away some exclusive discounts regarding the app subscription plans

Monthly updates

About Keer and it's journey to the worldwide release! We promiseyou'll hear from us twice a month tops.

Get your gift!

get the activation mail

After subscription you will receive an email
with the link to the activation form for your dynamic qr code

activate the qr code

Enter the URL you want to activate the QR code with

DOWNLOAD the qr code

The form will provide the QR code for you to download.

Change the URL whenever you want

You can download another copy of the QR code but you don't need to! The QR you downloaded the first time will be updated with the new URL!

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